Puppy Primary School is for puppies with the age of 16 weeks and between 6 months old.

The group class will go on for 5 weeks. One week theory and 4 weeks of practical work, with the ultimate goal to take all the puppies out on the beach the last week! The total price for the classes will be $275

You’ve trained your dog to sit on cue, and your dog is doing it perfectly every time at home. But when you’re out in public, not so much. Why do some dogs perform a certain behaviour in one situation but not in the other?

The problem is that the behaviour has not been proofed. We call this “proofing”, in dog training it means practicing a behaviour in different environments and situations, until your dog generalises the desired behaviour and can do it anywhere, even with distractions.

When learning a behaviour, dogs take note of their entire environment and associate the behaviour with that environment. But when that environment changes, they are no longer sure of the behaviour that is being asked of them. That’s why you need to proof the behaviour.

Puppy Primary School

Level 1 (Puppy Expansion) class


  • 16 weeks - 24 weeks
  • 5 classes
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