This is a fantastic gift you are not only giving to yourself but also to your puppies, to ensure that you forge a wonderfully close and mutually respectful relationship over your pet’s life.

We want you to become teachers, learning to read your pup’s body language and we are here to teach you how to reinforce any behaviour you would like to see occur again, or stopping behaviours you do not like in an appropriate way.

We will talk about the imprinting phase and the importance of this in a puppy’s life. The best time for this is when the pup is between 8 and 16 weeks old, it is the optimal start time for preschool to stay within that important socialisation window. This is a critical and sensitive time for the puppy to have good experience with all kinds of socialisation and environmental exposures. Our dog trainer will help you with this.

During this crucial window puppies are like a sponge, they will soak up all the positive information, but they can also learn some naughty behaviour that is harder to unlearn later!

Puppy Preschool

Level 1 class


  • 16 weeks and under
  • 5 classes
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