Paradise Pet Parks has an excellent reputation, and with good reason. My Standard poodle Lola developed Addison's disease four years ago, and stress can kill her. She relies on medication twice daily to keep her alive and healthy. The kennel we used to take her to was not up to the task of keeping her safe, so on the recommendation of a friend, we approached PPP and asked if they would be prepared to look after her. At that stage they had never dealt with an Addison's dog before, but they listened carefully to the advice and took her for a weekend. Since then she has stayed with them a number of times and they have done a wonderful job of looking after her and our other girl Ripley, who has anxiety issues. I will always be grateful to the wonderful staff at PPP for looking after our girls so well. I would have no hesitation recommending them; they do a fantastic job and I am confident my dogs will be very well cared for.

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