I found PPP 3 years ago when my boss was having training for her dog... I had a reactive dog and was making him worse with my fear and anxiety... i brought my dogs with a hope of finding away to calm myself and my reactive boy... with PPP knowledge and animal understanding gave us hope and guidance and knowledge so that my boy Louie could live his best life without fear.. i have done group classes for reactive dogs.. private lessons and even a home visit and both boys regularly attend day care and have boarded them as well...Louie was calm at daycare.. away from my anxiety he was free to roam with the pack of the day and suceeded to live his best life... Louie passed away last year to cancer.. his last day surrounded by the people that he loved and who loved him.. including the daycare staff.. he especially had a fond spot for Dave... I cannot recomend PPP enough .. its not just daycare.. its community spirit.. its running around with freedom with supervision and respect.. its fun days.. playing.. different experiences and objects.. excursions.. thank you so much for helping us claim our lives back

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