Upon arrival we will always assess each individual dog to make sure they get the most out of their stay with us.

We have very experienced staff who possess the ability to match temperament types to ensure safe and enjoyable play sessions for your dog/s. With our experienced staff we can take on most dogs in our kennel, all breed types, either dogs who have severe behavioural issues, dogs who are of an older age, or dogs who require certain medication. We can cater for all of this, this for no extra cost. 

Dog boarding

A fun Holiday

From $42 per day

  • Well-insulated indoor kennels
  • Two meals (Man’s Best) a day
  • Lot's of exercise
  • All breed types
  • Older dogs accepted
  • Safe and Enjoyable enviroment
  • $45 per day ‘off-peak’ season.
  • $55 per day ‘on peak’ season.
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