The two weeks stay is for dogs who want to work hard on learning some new behaviours. Often the behaviours we don’t like in our dogs are just normal dog behaviours.

They aren’t necessarily bad, but we accidentally have been reinforcing these behaviours for a while. Let’s face it, all dogs perform behaviours we don’t want. Stealing your shoe, digging in the yard, chasing a bird on the beach, not coming back when called, jumping on top of this poor old lady.

So instead of us asking you what the dog does wrong? What is it exactly that you want your dog to do? And let us help you with that!

2 week stay

What you get:


  • Several one on one training sessions with one of our experienced dog trainers throughout the day.
  • A large well insulated indoor kennel
  • A dog bed
  • Meals
  • Exercise
  • Socialisation
  • Environmental exposure
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