About us

The staff at Paradise Pet Parks love dogs – simple as that.  They are dog owners and dog lovers.  They all understand the responsibility that we have to take on the care of someone else’s dog – and all staff members take this very seriously.  This will shine through at the drop off, pick up – during your dog’s stay when they are happy to update you by phone, email or through the occasional photo or video that they post, simply to let you know your dog is having a great time.

Our staff are local to the Shoalhaven area, they ALL take on regular training in health care, canine first aid and husbandry, socialisation and enrichment strategies as well as behavioural and working dog related training and qualifications.


Manager, Director and owner

Moved across from The Netherlands in 2017 to help start the company and loved it so much she stayed and is now a manager, director and owner of PPP.  Ilse specialises in working dogs, but has further developed her skill set through a very intensive Karen Pryor Training Academy program which she completed in 2021.

Ilse, possessing an amazing affinity for all animals, has created her own pack since arriving in Australia which includes Piggy, Goatee, Marie, Jane, Steve, Abba, Toddy the Dingo – not to mention the many trainee dogs she develops for service dog roles.

Ilse has always been the imagination, creator and coordinator behind what Paradise Pet Parks has become – a one of a kind, gold standard dog care facility.


Head Dog Trainer

Our very talented trainer who possesses a wealth of knowledge which she combines with great affinity with the dogs and genuine warmth and humour in the way she engages the owners and gets to the bottom of the training needs.  Jasmine has two very loveable assistants in ‘Rogue’ an American Bully and ‘Odin’ a Bull Arab.

Jasmine runs fun, informative and effective training classes as well as individual consults for everything from Puppy Pre Schools to dealing with canine aggression related issues.

Jasmine also works in our Day Care and Boarding Facility which gives her a great insight into dog-to-dog behaviour, socialisation, enrichment, exercise and husbandry needs, providing a wholistic approach to her training methodology.


Animal Attendant

Our youngest team member, Maddie is just beginning her journey after demonstrating she could match our high standards during a number of volunteer work experiences with us in the years leading up to her employment.  Maddie has already commenced her studies, doing a Certificate III in Animal Care, which will no doubt be only the beginning of her career in working with animals.


Animal Attendant

A qualified vet nurse and certified dog lover!  Stacey brings an additional layer of experience to our team when it comes to animal husbandry.  Stacey works away tirelessly during weekends to provide everyone with confidence that the dogs at the Park are under the best care, not just Monday to Friday, but over the weekend as well.


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

Joined us during her visit from the Netherlands which has turned into much more than a holiday!  Ismay has an incredible hunger for knowledge of all things dog related.  With a background in the Navy, a love of horses – her journey with dogs only started in earnest with us.

We have watched her chase training and learning opportunities since day one and she has now grown into a very capable trainer in her own right.  Ismay has a great affinity, passion for learning and an attitude of never being afraid to step up and take on a challenge.  Like all our trainers, Ismay understands that training is nothing without first learning how to care for and nurture dogs.


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

Always smiling, is an outstanding recent addition to our team who obviously loves what she does and this is reflected with her warm and caring approach which extends to not only to the dogs we care for – but also to her colleagues and customers.  Jem is very reliable, capable and committed and from day one showed us she shares our passion for what we do!


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

Keeps surprising us with her all-round ability and practicality.  Kirsten has a passion for dogs and horses, and breeds her own Mini Foxies.  Kirsten is a fun, hardworking, easy-going member of our team, who has recently surprised us with her hidden training talents, which has been a driving factor in the success of our Day School Program.


Animal Attendant

An extremely dedicated employee who loves what he does!  Lucas has been with us for much of our journey and is a good humoured, enthusiastic worker who isn’t afraid of getting stuck into the less glamorous jobs which need to be done – but he does it with a smile and style – in fact he wins our ‘most stylish’ worker award as he wears our uniform with pride!


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

A wealth of knowledge when it comes to animal husbandry.  Lauren overseas the day-to-day kennel operations.  Lauren will be quick to pick up the most minor health issue in dogs in her care, no matter how busy things may get and her diligence in this area means they are dealt with quickly before becoming more serious.

Lauren is also a very talented dog trainer and assists in the development of working dogs for government agencies.  Lauren has a passion for study and learning and has earnt many qualifications in animal care and behaviour.  Although we suspect one of her best teachers has been her feisty Scottish Terrier, ‘Juniper’ – who has a knack for keeping everyone on their toes!


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

Ashleigh's customer service is sometimes so good – we have to drag her away and get her back to work. An incredibly caring soul – she will spoil your dog/s rotten during their stay and applies the same care to your dog – as she does to her own pack of Bully, Thor and Fui.  Ash is also a great trainer and somehow juggles all of her dogs with her young family, but will still find the time to make sure your dog’s jacket is done up properly on a cold night.


Animal Attendant and Dog Trainer

The one you are most likely to hear from when you make a booking, or see when you drop off or pick-up.  Kaitlyn has a great knack for keeping order in what can be a crazy place sometimes!  Kaitlyn also has enormous dedication to training working dogs in her free time.  She works with an explosive detection dog called Suki, has a high maintenance Red Cattle dog called Theo – who has taught her so much over the years!  Kaitlyn keeps a watching eye on all the young trainee dogs and achieves some amazing results!


Director and owner

Retired from the NSW Police Dog Unit in 2014 after 22 years to start up the business which has been a long-term dream to transfer his knowledge of working dogs to the pet dog world.  Dave continues to work with policing and military agencies across the world – but prefers to spend his time in the compounds with a large group of dogs making sure they are all enjoying their stay!

Dave’s own dogs include Scooby, Jose, Milo as well as a host of other dogs in training for policing roles.


Animal Attendant

Hailey is the youngest member of our team who is starting out her dream of working in dog care and training. Hailey adds a nice touch for the smaller or more timid dogs who always gravitate towards her - yet can also handle some of our more boisterous working dogs as well! Hailey has already commenced a Karen Pryor foundational dog training course and shows us all that it’s never too early to start working with dogs!

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